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Journeys: TranceFusion
November 15, 2014 11:29 AM PST
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Welcome to this 43rd episode of Journeys.

This time is back to trance spirit. With a mix of both vocal trance with uplifting tunes and darker energetic tracks, mixed with a pinch of psy trance this episode is filled with everything you may encounter when feeling a big rush intertwined with moments of calm.

This journey will bring you through a great evolution of sensations all related to energy burst like you just got transfused with music itself.

Journeys : TranceFusion is a trance mixtape made of both vocal uplifting and more energy strong tracks.

Enjoy it

Journeys : Wake Up !!!
October 16, 2014 03:21 AM PDT
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Welcome to this 42nd episode of Journeys.

I invite you today to start your day with a good feeling and strong energy. As you emerge from sleep one needs some great song track to wake up and refill with what they need to start a day with the motivation needed to stand for until nightfall.

From start to end, this mixtape will get you into the mood for the day ahead. with uplifting tunes and melody as well as strong energy filled beats. From out of bed to the moment you drive to work, through the shower breakfast Journeys : Wake up!!!! will be your companion for the difficult mornings.

Enjoy and Share.


Journeys : Into the eye
August 30, 2014 10:31 AM PDT
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Welcome to the 41st episode of your journeys.

Today's voyage will take you on a trip to meet your inner self. Welcome to this smooth universe, filled with threnody and aerial chords. Your inner self may reveal some dark shadows as well as some bright colours. And this is all what Into the Eye is about. Follow the track of the prism of music bringing at every beat closer to the next truth about yourself.

Journeys : Into the Eye is a deep and progressive mixtape filled with new and old songs remixed with today's vibe. Including my new all time favourite version of Missing thanks to Kamille Louis (

Enjoy and share.


Journeys : The Blast
July 19, 2014 07:07 AM PDT
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Welcome to the 40th episode of Journeys.

Today's podcast is simple and the title says it all. Energy, explosion, intensity all that in a 75 minutes long mix recorded live which turned out to be excellent from the first recording session.

Those will always make your feet hard and your body move. So enough talk and prepare for THE BLAST !!!!


Journeys : Wet Games
June 22, 2014 02:30 AM PDT
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Welcome to the 39th episode of journeys

Wave of heat finally hit europe with sun high and bright in the sky, its time to get some refreshing baths. Gather 'round the pool and get yourself ready for some bumpy funky, housy tunes to make your day more entertaining.

Wet games is a house podcast perfect for some pool parties or day out in the sun. Filled up with some positive energy and happy beats, vocals or musical it surely gets your feet burning and heart pumping.


Journeys : Intensuality
April 05, 2014 01:00 AM PDT
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Welcome to this 37th episode of journeys.

Today I invite you to a new world of musical pleasure mixed with deep emotions and thrilling sensations. Intensuality is a mix between the intensity of pleasure and the sensuality and erotism that can come from imagination. This is a world where the beats rythms your heart, the bass pounds your body, the tunes seeds unforgettable melody in your brain, leading to a pure eargasmic pleasure. So enter the world of Intensuality and let it drive you through this trip to a new level of musical entertainment.

Journeys : intensuality is a progressive melodic house and techno mixset with very intimate atmosphere mixed with energising transitions.

Enjoy and Share.