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Journeys : Nocturnity
April 11, 2015 01:00 AM PDT
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Welcome to the 47th episode of your Journeys, and this time I invite you to penetrate again the hypnotic world of progressive and tech house. This world will make you feel like you slipped into a fluffy and comfortable cushion. smoothness of slower beats mixed with deep bass lines or eerie atmospheric melody building up to paroxysm of inner energy. Enter the chill-out zone and recover over a night filled with unctuous sensations.

Journeys : Nocturnity is a progressive house and tech house mixset.

Enjoy and share

Journeys : Fabul'House
March 18, 2015 06:32 AM PDT
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Welcome to the 46th episode of your journeys. Spring blooming or in the last heats of summer is always an occasion to fill up with good vibes. And what is better than a mix of old school house and funky disco tunes to feel joy and energy flow through your mind and body.

Reaching the very soul essence of house with a touch of joyful bass riffs, bumpy beats, and feel good energy, this mixtape is made of new tunes with older classy hits remixed with a 2010's style. So enjoy this almost 90 minutes mix as what it is .... Absolutely Fabul'House smiley

Enjoy and share

Journeys : pop it up!!
February 21, 2015 01:13 AM PST
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Welcome to episode 45 of your journeys. Today is an episode dedicated to some of the hits the clubs have had a chance to air lately. Although i have never been a big fan of commercial songs some tunes out there are worth it and get my feet tapping. I enjoy every now and then some songs from the charts and some of those remixes are particularly enjoyable.

So this is what i bring to you this month : happy, mixtape filled with recent or older top of the charts tunes remixed by some of the best like 7th Heaven, Wayne G, Cosmic Dawn, Freemasons Wideboys etc ..... Get ready to jump and allow energy to fill you up through this pop and uplifting mixtape

Enjoy and Share


Journeys : Musicalution
January 24, 2015 11:31 AM PST
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Welcome to episode 44 of your Journeys.

With new year i wanted to get back to my roots of music. To select some of the best tracks of those past months which I was keeping for this very special episode.

This is pure Djinto style. This is exactly the kind of music that makes me go nuts and the way i like it mixed. Long transitions, smoothless and seamless mixing, Progressive club and house style in a 1h long track that makes you feel it is only one song. A bit of commercial a bit of less known tracks but all in my favorite kind. I can tell you this episode is my real DNA when it comes to music. Theses my evolution of music. This is my musicalution.

Enjoy and share.


Journeys: TranceFusion
November 15, 2014 11:29 AM PST
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Welcome to this 43rd episode of Journeys.

This time is back to trance spirit. With a mix of both vocal trance with uplifting tunes and darker energetic tracks, mixed with a pinch of psy trance this episode is filled with everything you may encounter when feeling a big rush intertwined with moments of calm.

This journey will bring you through a great evolution of sensations all related to energy burst like you just got transfused with music itself.

Journeys : TranceFusion is a trance mixtape made of both vocal uplifting and more energy strong tracks.

Enjoy it

Journeys : Wake Up !!!
October 16, 2014 03:21 AM PDT
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Welcome to this 42nd episode of Journeys.

I invite you today to start your day with a good feeling and strong energy. As you emerge from sleep one needs some great song track to wake up and refill with what they need to start a day with the motivation needed to stand for until nightfall.

From start to end, this mixtape will get you into the mood for the day ahead. with uplifting tunes and melody as well as strong energy filled beats. From out of bed to the moment you drive to work, through the shower breakfast Journeys : Wake up!!!! will be your companion for the difficult mornings.

Enjoy and Share.